Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

How Water Softeners Create More Comfortable Hospital Beds

by Clifford Ramos

If you've ever had to stay in a hospital for more than a day, you know that hospital beds lack the comfort of your own bed at home. It is especially uncomfortable when the sheets and the bedding--and even the pillows--are scratchy and stiff. No one who is in pain can sleep comfortably without medication. If you are in charge of patient comfort, you might want to consider installing water softeners in your hospital laundry. The smallest measures of patient comfort can make a world of difference.

Softened Water Equals Softer Linens

Hard water puts extra mineral deposits into the hospital linens. This makes the linens itchy for those that already have sensitive skin and scratchy to those that are used to softer linens. A commercial water softener takes all of those extra mineral deposits out and takes all of the extra soap out, leaving them clean and crisp without the itchy/scratchy sensations. Your hospital will also save on water and soap because the staff won't have to rewash linens to remove soap residue, nor will they have to use quite so much bleach.

Towels Are Softer Too

Towels tend to soak up a lot of soapy water in a hospital laundry. Commercial washing machines can spin as long as they want, but without water softeners, some of the soap sticks around in the towel loops. The remaining soap makes the towels feel rough, and for anyone who is allergic to hospital soap, an extended stay means they can develop rashes after bathing. To ensure patient comfort and skin integrity, the installation of water softeners is the best investment you can make for the hospital overall!

If you have a miserable patient, there are some things you can do while you wait for water softener installation. Make sure patients have access to lotion. A moisturizer will relieve their itchy skin from the hospital's dry environment and from the uncomfortable bedding. To keep patients comfortable, ask them if they'd like a bed pad or a cotton blanket. Content patients complain less and rest more, which is exactly what you want!

Ordering Water Softeners and Monthly Service

As the hospital representative, you can place your order for water softeners with a company representative. Large volume water softeners may be available in your area for commercial use--just ask the representative ahead of time. Monthly service for salt or water softening pellets is easy to schedule as well. You can choose to pay for six months' to a year's worth of service up front, or accept the monthly charge option. The delivery and installation technicians often offer both the water softener machines and the softening/salt pellets, and they can tell you which would work better in your facility.


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