Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

When You May Need To Seek In-Home Health Care

by Clifford Ramos

If you have an elderly parent, you may be wondering how they are going to continue to care for themselves. They may not be ready to leave their home and go to an assisted living center, but at the same time you may find that there are just some things your parent can no longer do on their home. When you find yourself at this crossroad, you may want to consider in-home health care. In-home health care allows for your parents to stay in their home, but offer them the assistance that they may need in order to remain independent. Here are a few examples of when you may want to consider in-home health care.

Physical Limitation or Injury

Perhaps your parent has suffered some type of injury or other physical limitation that prevents them from doing certain things on their own anymore. They may need assistance getting out of bed, showering or even getting dressed. It may be a bit more difficult for them to navigate the stairs. Some type of physical limitation is a sign that someone in the home to help would be beneficial for them.


If you find that your parent is forgetting things, such as taking their scheduled medication, or even forgetting to take the garbage out, you may find they will benefit from having in-home health care. Forgetting even basic routines could mean that someone in the home just a few hours a day could mean a world of difference. 

Housekeeping is Suffering

If you find that simple housekeeping chores have been suffering, this is also an indicator that there may be the need for some additional help in your parent's home. This is especially true if your parent was always a stickler when it came to keeping a clean home in the past. Furthermore, failure to pick up things around the home can be a hazard, and when an elderly person falls, their injuries are usually more severe than a younger person.

Remember that you don't need to wait for a big medical crisis to come along before you decide your elderly parent may benefit from home health care. In fact, by using these indicators and implementing a home-health care plan now, you may be able to avoid a big medical crisis. Sit down and talk with your parent and their medical doctor about coming up with a plan to seek in-home health care from a service like GENACTA Home Care to allow your parent to stay safe while remaining independent. 


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