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Powerful Physical Therapy

Two Tips For Planning Your Own Funeral

by Clifford Ramos

Death is an unfortunate part of life that has the power to cause intense stress and suffering for the survivors. Due to these intense stresses, it should not be surprising to learn that many people want to actively arrange their own funerals and help spare their families from this task. However, if you have never seriously considered this option before, there are a couple of tips you can follow to help ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Prepay For Your Funeral

One of the most difficult parts of arranging a funeral is paying for everything. Your survivors will need to procure a casket or urn, a burial spot, reserve buildings for the viewing and reception as well as secure the services of a religious figure. To help offset the high costs of all of these activities, you can enter into a contractual agreement with a funeral home (such as Richard H Keenan Funeral Home Inc) to prepay for these expenses. 

Under this type of agreement, you will either make a lump sum or regular payments to the funeral home, and this money will be credited towards an expense account. When the time comes for your funeral to be planned, your loved ones will meet with the funeral home director, and this professional will release the funds so that the funeral planning process can begin. 

Leave Detailed Instructions And A Backup Plan

Many people have strong visions for how they want their funerals to go. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to communicate these desires to your loved ones because they may not want to think about you passing away, and this can make them less likely to retain what you tell them. To avoid the problems this phenomenon can cause, you should always leave highly detailed written instructions. 

In addition to the instructions for your desired ceremony, you should also consider leaving instructions for a backup plan. This plan will detail what the planner should do in the event the original plan is not feasible. Problems can arise with any planned event, and including a detailed backup plan will help ensure these unforeseen complications do not ruin your funeral. 

Planning your funeral is not something that you have to leave for your loved ones to do when you pass away. By planning your own funeral, you can help reduce the stress of the grieving process for your family, and you can ensure you have the ceremony you have always wanted. Following these two tips can help ensure that you get the most from planning your own funeral ceremony. 


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