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Powerful Physical Therapy

Three Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Braces On Adult Teeth

by Clifford Ramos

When most people hear the word braces they think of teenagers who are still in the process of growing. However, there is no age limit on braces or orthodontic treatment in general and there are many people who obtain a straighter, even smile long after they have aged beyond their teenage years. If you are set to get braces on your teeth as a full-grown adult, there is no doubt you will get a lot of misinformation from well-meaning friends and family members. Here are three of the most common misconceptions about braces and adult teeth.

Myth: As an adult, you will have to wear braces much longer than if you were younger.

Fact: In general, most patients will have to keep their braces for one to three years, according to Braces.org. Adults do sometimes have to wear their braces longer, but it is only due to the fact that moving the teeth can take longer due to a slower healing process. However, you should not be concerned that the braces you have put on your teeth will be in place forever. The ultimate goal will be to provide you with a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing smile and the time frame involved will be decided by how well your teeth respond to treatment.

Myth: Braces are much more painful on your mouth as an adult.

Fact: It is a common misconception that braces are painful in general and as an adult, you will most likely have a lot of people tell you that this pain will be worse. However, braces are much less of an issue when it comes to causing pain in the mouth because of new materials and treatment options. The pain that may be associated is usually in the beginning adjustment period when your mouth is getting accustomed to the new hardware that is in place.

Myth: You will not be able to achieve the same results with braces as an adult.

Fact: Braces are just as effective as an orthodontic treatment when you are an adult as they would be if you were younger. It is true that the teeth may be more easily moved with braces as a young adult, but the results can be achieved just the same. Therefore, obtaining a straight smile with a perfect bite is absolutely feasible as an adult with braces.

When it comes down to it, obtaining braces is well worth the end result without regard to your age. Your orthodontist will work with you to find a treatment plan that works for you and braces do not have to be looked at in a bad way. Be sure to talk to your smile specialist about any questions or concerns you have.


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