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Surgical Options If You Do Not Have Enough Bone For Dental Implants

by Clifford Ramos

During your dental surgeon's assessment to determine if you qualify for dental implants, he or she will measure whether or not you have enough bone to support the implant. If not, all is not lost. Here are some of the options that your surgeon has.

Why Is Bone Important?

The dental implant is supported by metal roots that are implanted into your jawbone. If the jawbone cannot support the roots, the implants can fail. As a result, the implants have to be removed and you might not be a candidate to have them re-implanted. 

Bone loss can occur in small amounts after the implant is completed. Even if your initial implant surgery was a success, you can have problems years later. During your assessment, the surgeon will also ensure that you have not only enough bone to support the implants now, but also in the future. 

What Can the Surgeon Do If There Is Not Enough Bone?

The surgeon has two options for helping shore up your jawbone so that it is able to support the implants without issue. The first option is to perform a sinus augmentation. 

To perform a sinus augmentation, your surgeon will cut back your gum tissue to expose the bone. A window is opened within the bone to expose a membrane that separates the jaw from the sinus. The surgeon will push back the membrane and pack in bone-graft material. This process can add several millimeters to the jawbone and give it the foundation needed for the implant.

The second option for building up your jawbone is to perform onlay grafting. Bone is taken from elsewhere and secured to the area of your jawbone that is in need of shoring up. As time passes, the graft will mesh with the jawbone. When its healed, your jawbone should be solid enough for the implant.

The bone for the graft can come from your hip, chin, or the back area of the lower jaw. The graft can cause pain in both the donor site and the surgical site. On the upside, you have the benefit of using your own bone instead of a synthetic material to build up your jawbone.

Talk to your dental surgeon about other options you could possibly have for your bone issues. There are advances in dentistry that could leave you with additional options. The most important thing is to remember to be open and communicative with your surgeon. For more information, contact a company like New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.


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