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Powerful Physical Therapy

3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Child From The Flu

by Clifford Ramos

For an adult, getting the flu can be extremely annoying. It makes you feel terrible, distracts you from your work, and makes it difficult to complete day-to-day activities. For a child, getting the flu can be extremely dangerous and result in weeks of bed rest, or even a stay in the hospital. In order to make sure that your child stays well during this flu season, take these three steps to protect him or her.

1. Teach Good Hand Washing

Whether or not your children learn good hand washing skills is up to you. The first thing that you can do to teach good hand washing is to model excellent practices. Make sure that your child takes notice that whenever you go to the bathroom, get ready to handle food, or cough or sneeze, you wash your hands. Once your child takes notice of this, he or she will begin to do the same.

Next, talk to your child about how you're washing your hands. Discuss how you need to wash your hands for a certain period of time and make sure to really scrub with the soap, not just rinse. Consider telling your child to sing a short song while he or she washes up, such as "Happy Birthday" or "Row Row Row Your Boat." This will make sure that your child is washing for an effective amount of time. Also discuss where on your hands you're making sure not to miss, such as under your nails or your wrists. By drawing attention to these areas, you can make sure your child washes effectively.

2. Teach How to Cough

It's very easy for germs to spread through the air. To keep any colds contained and make sure that they don't spread to the rest of the family, teach your child to cough into the crook of his or her elbow. This will keep the germs from getting on his or her hands, which could be spread easy around the house, and also prevents the germs from getting into the air.

3. Use Disinfectant

Use a disinfectant solution to regularly wipe down any surfaces that are touched frequently, such as light switches, tables, door knobs, and computer keyboards. This will keep the germs that accumulate there to a minimum and keep your family healthy.

Talk to your pediatrician, such as Ada Pediatrics PA, about more ways that you can protect your family from the flu.


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