Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

5 Treadmill Features Ideal For Children With ADHD

by Clifford Ramos

Low muscle tone is common in many children with ADHD, whether it's due to medications or just the disorder in general. Home exercise equipment is a great way for a child to build focus and have a proper fitness routine built into the schedule. When shopping at a fitness equipment store, there are five treadmill features to look for that will cater to children with ADHD. These features can help a child focus, build leg muscles, and enjoy the workout regime.

Terrain Inclines

A flat treadmill may feature repetitive motions that a child becomes bored with. A treadmill with terrain inclines can vary the different heights that the child is walking on while they work out. When set on a specific incline adjustment, the child has the ability to new ways to move. The motion does not remain constant and the variation can be exciting for someone with ADHD.

GPS View Screens

One of the newest technologies on treadmills is the ability to view GPS street views while walking or jogging. Instead of losing focus, children can concentrate on different scenery that will make them feel like they are walking on a beach, through a famous city, or even across the great wall of China.

When using the GPS viewer screens, a Wi-Fi connection is often needed. You have the ability to set up a custom trail list for a child to use and load automatically each time.


Adjusting headphones or switching tracks on a small MP3 player may come as a challenge. A treadmill with a docking station and speakers will make it easy to play music without distracting a child through extra controls and headphones that fall off. If you set up a playlist, the tracks can play while the child focuses on walking or jogging.

Safe Sensor Technology

Protecting a child is important even if they're not the ones on the treadmills. Advanced treadmills have sensors built around the edges. This will automatically shut the machine off if the child comes too close. This type of technology can help prevent injuries and is a great feature for homes with multiple children.

Personalized Voice Coaches

When working out on their own, a child with ADHD could become easily distracted or bored. A digital coach can keep them focused and on-task. When a treadmill features a digital coach, a voice will come through the speakers with updates and tips. This can help a child use the treadmill longer, reach specific goals, and build muscles in their legs.

Consult a treadmill equipment specialist like Gym Outfitters Inc to find out more information on the available treadmill features that you are seeking.


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