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Powerful Physical Therapy

Intravenous Nutrition Therapy: 3 Ways It Can Help Recovering Stroke Victims

by Clifford Ramos

Intravenous nutrition therapy is one of the most innovative advances in nutrient delivery in recent history. Not only can individuals receive a comprehensive delivery of a wide array of beneficial nutrients from a single session, but certain treatments can also help those recovering from serious medical conditions. In particular, IV nutrient therapy has been utilized to help recovering stroke victims restore the health and function of their organs, and specifically their brains. This article discusses three of the ways intravenous nutrition therapy can aid stroke victims during the recovery process.

Chelation Therapy

One particularly effective intravenous nutrition therapy treatment known as chelation therapy has had astounding results in helping to rehabilitate stroke victims. Chelation therapy is a form of IV nutrient therapy that focuses on eliminating concentrations of various metals in the body.

In fact, recent studies have indicated that chelation therapy may be just as effective as current cholesterol lowering medication and other traditional drugs in reducing an individual's risk of stroke. For those who have already suffered a stroke, chelation therapy can help restore blood flow to those regions of the body that were deprived of crucial nutrients.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Another considerable benefit of IV nutrient therapy is the instantaneous delivery of alpha lipoic acid to your body's organs. Alpha lipoic acid is associated with a number of recovery treatments, but for those who have suffered a stroke, it is extraordinarily helpful in restoring brain function.

This particular antioxidant has long been associated with the eradication of free radicals within the body, but in recent years, researchers have acknowledged the chemical's efficacy in helping to restore the effects of brain trauma following a stroke. Initial trials involving mice demonstrated a nearly 50% reduction in cell damage following strokes, and showed a much greater improvement from rehabilitation treatments compared to subjects that received no ALA.

Increased blood flow is also a byproduct of ALA administration, and utilizing intravenous nutrition therapy to deliver the antioxidant directly into the bloodstream can really accelerate the benefits it has on the human body.


Glutathione is another powerful antioxidant that helps promote healthy brain and cellular function. When utilized in the context of intravenous nutrition therapy, the immediate delivery can give rise to a host of benefits. One of the ways it helps facilitate recovery for stroke victims is by affecting healthy regulation of nitric oxide, an artery-dilating compound that can promote blood flow to previously blood-constricted areas.

There are myriad benefits to IV nutrient therapy, but for those battling the after-effects of a stroke, the intravenous delivery of alpha lipoic acid and glutathione, along with chelation therapy, are simply invaluable in the recovery process.


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