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Powerful Physical Therapy

Things You Need To Consider When Seeing A Plastic Surgeon For Liposuction

by Clifford Ramos

Are you interested in getting a liposuction procedure from cosmetic surgeons, but are not sure what needs to be considered? Then take the time to find out what those points of consideration are; by doing so, you'll know what the procedure will entail and feel more at ease. With that thought in mind, here are some things that must be considered when opting for liposuction surgery

  • Amount of fat to be removed: It is important to consider the volume of fat that you want removed during liposuction. When a lot of fat is removed, there will be a big change in the body, and for some it can be difficult to handle. The maximum amount of fat that can be removed in one liposuction session is 5 liters. If you want more fat removed then, you will need multiple sessions. Furthermore, when a significant volume of fat has to be removed, then natural weight loss methodologies must also be used.
  • Amount of loose skin before liposuction: During the liposuction procedure, fat will be sucked out and this will cause excessive loose skin. However, if you already have loose skin, then the effect will be even worse. The skin needs to be able to contract as the fat is being removed in order for your body to have a more natural look. Therefore, those of you that have too much loose skin should opt for a tummy tuck or body contouring procedure. The amount your skin will shrink by after liposuction depends on the elasticity of your skin. Everyone has different levels of elasticity, and therefore there will be a level of predictability regarding the end result.
  • Post liposuction lifestyle changes: Most people believe that liposuction allows them to get results without altering their lifestyle. However, that is not the case because after liposuction. if you do not make lifestyle changes, then your fat levels will go back up quicker than you think - and you'll be right back where you stated. For instance, WebMD.com had one study that showed that 6 months after surgery, women who didn't continue an exercise regimen had a 10% increase in visceral fat. Therefore, it is important to make changes in your diet and exercise levels in order to maintain the results.
  • Quality of the surgery: The success of the liposuction surgery will in part be determined by the quality of the cosmetic surgeon. Therefore, you should make sure to find one that has a wealth of experience executing liposuction surgery and comes highly recommended. 


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