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Powerful Physical Therapy

3 Reasons You Experience Pain During Your Pelvic Exam

by Clifford Ramos

Regular pelvic exams are an important part of your reproductive and overall health. Unfortunately, many women find pelvic exams uncomfortable and you may be tempted to skip your annual examination. But during a pelvic exam your gynecologist may detect infections and abnormalities that are more easily treated if they are detected early, so it is critical that you are examined as often as your doctor recommends for your age and health history. 

While pelvic exams may feel awkward, you should not experience pain during your exam. If you are avoiding your exams because they are painful, you should consider these three reasons that you may be experiencing pain. 

You Cannot Relax 

One reason that some women experience pain during a pelvic exam is that they cannot relax. When you are nervous, anxious, or scared, your muscles naturally tighten. This can make it difficult for your doctor to insert tools into your vagina or rectum and you may experience tightness, stretching, or pain. Furthermore, when you are anxious, you are likely to be hyper-aware of sensations you are feeling and to interpret discomfort as more painful than it would be if you were not concentrating on the exam. 

To help relax, prepare yourself for the exam. Educate yourself about the process of a pelvic exam. You may want to practice laying on your bed or a couch with your legs bent at the knee and spread apart. While you are in that position, practice breathing deeply and relaxing. 

You Do Not Communicate With Your Gynecologist 

Your doctor does not want you to experience pain. Unfortunately, they are unable to tell if you are experiencing pain or discomfort if you do not tell them. 

Be sure to build a rapport with your gynecologist before your exam. During your exam, you should feel free to ask questions and express any discomfort or pain that you experience so your doctor can adjust their methods to fit your individual body. 

You Currently Have An Infection

While most pelvic exams are pain-free, you may experience a slight, sharp pain if you currently have an infection in your bladder, ovaries, or fallopian tubes. If you think you may have an infection, let your doctor know before they begin the exam. If you do experience a sharp pain, let your doctor know immediately so they can examine the problem area more closely. 

With practice and rapport built over several visits, your pelvic exam should be a comfortable, natural experience. To find out more, speak with someone like Anchorage OB.


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