Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

Answering Concerns About Joint Replacement Procedures

by Clifford Ramos

Unfortunately, injuries to joints are fairly common, and this type of issue can result in a permanent reduction in your range of movement. To repair this problem, it may be necessary to replace the damaged joint with an artificial one. This procedure may be very intimidating to patients, but it is important to be informed about it so that you can decide whether this is a procedure you may want to undergo.

What Will Recovering From Joint Replacement Surgery Be Like?

It should come as no surprise that this type of surgery can require a lengthy recovery. In addition to the tissue around the surgical site needing to heal, you will also need to strengthen any muscles that may have been compromised during the procedure. This includes both the muscles that were directly damaged by the surgery as well as those that suffer atrophy during the first few weeks of healing.

Therefore, you should typically expect to spend at least several weeks undergoing rigorous physical therapy. These sessions will help to restore your strength and flexibility, which can help reduce the chances that you accidentally injure the area in the future. In addition to your therapy sessions, you will also be given exercises to conduct while you are at home. It may be tempting to avoid these exercises, but failing to do them can greatly increase the amount of time you need to heal from the surgery.

Will The Replacement Joint Need To Be Replaced?

There are many patients that may assume their replacement joint will be good for life. However, you should understand that these joints can suffer extensive wear while in the body. As a result, they may start to cause problems after the first decade. Sadly, this type of problem may require replacing the artificial joint again. While the prospects of needing to undergo this surgery again in the future may be somewhat disheartening, these joints will provide you with many years of trouble-free movement before you need to start considering having this procedure done.

Joint problems are a common complaint from many people, and replacing the damaged joint may be the best option for restoring your mobility and comfort when the damage is severe. If you are needing to undergo this procedure, knowing what you should expect from the recovery process as well as the fact that the joint may need to be replaced again in the future will make you better prepared for addressing your chronic joint problems. To learn more about joint replacement, speak with an orthopedic surgeon.


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