Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

60 Second Neck Pain Relief For The Mommy On The Go

by Clifford Ramos

The stress of being a full time mommy can cause adverse effects on the body. One of the worst effects is neck pain. When you are rushing around trying to get your errands done for the day, neck pain is the last thing that you want to deal with. Seeing a chiropractor or getting massage in is unheard of. Luckily, however, there is a way to stop neck pain in it's tracks. Check out a few neck pain treatments below to stop your neck pain in as little as 60 seconds. 

Locate The Pain Spot

Pain and stiffness radiates throughout your neck and down to your spine, but there is always one spot where the pain is centered. Applying pressure to the wrong part of your neck will give you some comfort, however, it won't clear the problem completely. Your pain will only come back within minutes. Sit down on your couch and start massaging different parts of your neck. Massage your neck until you have located the section that causes the most pain.

Knead Firmly

Once you have found the most tender part of your neck, press as hard as you can with your forefinger and middle finger. At first, the pain will seem unbearable, but after a little bit of massaging, you will start to feel the relief. You will know that you are applying too much pressure if you experience a sharp pain. If you feel this pain, apply a little less pressure. If you need a little more leverage to really soothe the pain, you can use a tennis ball to help.

Stretch Your Neck

After fifteen seconds of massaging out the pain, stretch out your neck. At first you are going to look up as high as you can, making sure your neck is elongated and stretched out as far as possible. Then, stretch out your neck by looking down and pressing your chin to your chest. Now, rotate your head from side to side. Starting on one side, stretch out your neck as if you are trying to touch your chin to your shoulder.

Repeat the third step fifteen to twenty times until you can feel the stiffness in your neck starting to ease up and you feel relief from the pain. By the end of the stretching you will feel your muscles starting to relax and the pain will cease.

Being a stay at home mom comes with so many tasks that you can't slow down for anything, not even neck pain. Before you call it quits on the day, use the simple steps listed above and you will be back on the horse in no time at all.  


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