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Powerful Physical Therapy

Child On Drugs And Depressed? How Wilderness Treatment Can Bring Them Back To You

by Clifford Ramos

If you have a child that is on drugs, they may also be depressed, as these two things often go hand in hand. There are different treatment options available for them. One thing you should consider is wilderness treatment. Research has shown that this type of treatment is very beneficial. Below is some information about how this treatment plan works so you can determine if it is right for your child.

Conduct an Assessment

Most wilderness treatment centers are staffed with psychologists and other health professional that can offer treatment in a variety of areas, including drug addiction and depression. These people will sit down and assess your child so they can match them up with the right therapists. When your child is assessed, the professionals will then decide on the wilderness setting, the length of stay, and your child's tailored therapy.

Takes Them Out of Their Environment

Your child is in an unhealthy environment when they are out with their friends that also do drugs. It is almost impossible to help them when they have easy access to the drugs. Wilderness treatment is beneficial, because they are taken away from anything that will influence them to take the wrong path. 

Shows Them How They Affect Their Family

Your child will also learn how their drug family affects their family and friends. For example, you may have spent a lot of money on different types of treatments, or your child may have stolen money from you to buy drugs.  Your child may become emotionally abusive to you, as well as any brothers and sisters.

Teaches Them to Open Up

Your child will be taught social skills by communicating with the other people in their group and their field instructors. They will be expected to talk about their drug problem, what got them started, and how much they are struggling with quitting.  They may open up about their depression. Learning how to open up is an important part of any drug treatment program. This not only help them, but also helps the psychologist or other therapist to more fully understand what your child is going through.

Get Ready to Go Home

When the wilderness training is completed, your child must learn how to take their new learning home with them. Your family may be asked to take some training classes so you can help your child continue their healthy behaviors once they get back home.  You may also take some educational classes so you can have a better understanding of how your child is feeling.

The wilderness camp may set your child up with a counselor or other types of support resources once they get home so they can continue their therapy, and not fall back into their old habits.

Once your child is off drugs, their depression could become worse as they are going through this difficult time. For this reason, you may want to consider getting this problem treated by a professional once your child returns home, such as a psychologist or a spiritual guide. There are also many self-help books that both you and your child should find helpful, such as Don't Jump It's Only A Bump LLC.   


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