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Powerful Physical Therapy

The Dangers Of An Untreated Concussion

by Clifford Ramos

If you fall, get hit in the head with a hard ball, or have any other sort of accident in which you hit your head, it's always best to head to urgent care or the emergency room and get looked over to ensure you don't have a concussion. The signs of a concussion, which include headache, nausea, and fatigue, are not always immediately evident after an injury and can be very mild. So, even if you feel fine, seeking medical treatment is advised since the consequences of failing to treat a concussion can be serious. Here are a few of them:

Physical Problems

Some people with untreated concussions develop balance issues. They may have trouble walking in a straight line or performing tasks that require them to aim at a target. Patients with untreated concussions may feel dizzy upon standing, may become fatigued when engaging in physical activities, and may even experience seizures. In some cases, these symptoms last for a period of time and then fade away, and other times they are more permanent. It's far easier to treat a concussion at the onset -- often just with rest and anti-inflammatory medications -- than to deal with these more serious symptoms down the road.

Mental and Emotional Problems

Because concussions can damage any part of the brain, including the parts that are involved in emotional regulation and moods, untreated concussions can lead to an array of mood alterations and mental health problems. Some patients develop issues controlling their anger. Others may find themselves depressed or suffering with anxiety that they didn't have before the concussion. These mental health issues can make it harder for sufferers of untreated concussions to form and maintain relationships.

Cognitive Problems

If the parts of the brain that are damaged by the concussion are those involved in deep thought, patients may begin having trouble reasoning and using logic if they fail to treat their concussion. Specifically, they may suffer from memory loss and trouble paying attention. This, especially if combined with the fatigue often experienced following an untreated concussion, may lead to decreased job performance, or in the case of students, decreased academic performance.

Treating a concussion is not usually difficult. Your doctor will likely recommend that you spend a few days (how long, specifically, will depend on the severity of your concussion) in a dark room, resting, and perhaps taking some NSAIDs. So, if you've hit your head, seek diagnosis and treatment now from professionals like LA Costa Urgent Care & Family.


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