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Powerful Physical Therapy

Reasons For Using A Home Health Care Service When Recovering From Knee Surgery At Home

by Clifford Ramos

After your total knee joint replacement, you'll be going home to finish your recovery. Recovering at home is a popular choice for those who don't want the expense of being in a hospital or using a rehabilitation center. But you will find that your recovery will be smoother if you have help from a home health service, at least for the first few weeks you are home. Here are some of the ways you'll benefit by having a home health care professional work with you once you get home.

1. You'll have better control over your pain management.

You will have some discomfort for several weeks after your surgery. The best way to minimize the pain is to take the pain medication on a regular schedule. The medication is more effective this way than waiting to take it when you are in severe pain. A home health nurse will help you stay on this medication schedule so you don't forget to take the pain medication. This is especially important before going to your physical therapy sessions or doing your home exercises, where you could have a lot of pain if you don't take the medication regularly.

2. You'll have support to maintain a steady pace with your recovery.

Your recovery from knee surgery will go smoothly when you set a pace with your physical therapist and stick to it. If you push yourself beyond what your knee is capable of, you risk injuring yourself. Or if you do too much one day and exhaust yourself, you may be tempted to skip your exercises and physical therapy. The home health professional will help you stick with the pace you set for yourself so you make incremental progress toward a full recovery every day.

3. You'll have immediate help for questions and problems.

When working with a home health nurse or aide who has experience with knee surgery patients, you have access to someone who can address your questions and concerns. They can answer questions, such as whether your incision looks OK and how far you can bend your knee safely. They can follow up with your doctor on more difficult concerns for you.

The home health professional will also help with any challenges that will come up in the first few weeks that you are home. Getting in and out of the bathtub, reaching for items on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard, and getting up and down stairs to your laundry room are just a few of the issues you'll have. With someone at home to help, you reduce the risk of injuring yourself trying to do these tasks.

4. You'll reduce the burden on your family.

Using a home health service means you won't impact the lives of your friends and family. Until you've regained full use of your knee, and your independence, you'll need some help at home. Even family members who live at home with you will appreciate having someone there to help.

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