Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

Methods Of Managing Your Fissure At Work

by Clifford Ramos

Dealing with a fissure around your anus can make you feel physically uncomfortable and concerned about your health. While it's important to visit your healthcare provider to assess the condition of the fissure and determine what, if any, medical steps should be taken, you can also play a key role in managing the fissure on your own. While your pain might keep you at home for a day or two, you'll likely be heading back to work soon enough — and you could be concerned about managing the fissure during the workday. Here are some simple methods that you should adopt.

Make Smart Dietary Decisions

Being constipated and passing large stools can worsen the condition of your fissure, so it's important to make eating right a priority. At work, it's easy to eat unhealthy, whether it's running out for some fast food at lunch or snacking on muffins or bagels in the cafeteria. These items typically contain little in the way of fiber, which can promote constipation and worsen your symptoms. Make sure that you pack a high-fiber lunch. While there are many foods that can give you a thorough dose of fiber, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruit are often ideal. Make sure that you drink water throughout the day, too, and avoid dehydration-promoting beverages such as coffee.

Don't Ignore Your Urge

Another way that constipation can occur and worsen the condition of your fissure is when you don't move your bowels when you feel the urge. Many people don't favor using the bathroom in this way at work, but you shouldn't ignore the urge if it arises. If possible, see if you can find a quiet restroom in your building that won't have much activity while you use it; this can make you feel more relaxed. It can also be helpful to get up a little earlier each morning, which will give you time to move your bowels before work.

Move During The Day

Keeping active can help to prevent constipation. If your average workday consists mostly of sitting, try to get up regularly and move around a bit. Whether this causes you to move your bowels at work or after arriving home, it can help keep your stools soft and prevent worsening your fissure. You can set a timer on your smartphone to go off every 30 minutes, for example, and then take a quick walk up and down the hall. While you might not want to move quickly if you're in physical discomfort, any amount of movement will help.


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