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Powerful Physical Therapy

Tips To Help Children With Hearing Aid Use

by Clifford Ramos

Hearing aids can not only help your child hear better, but they can also ensure that their language and learning skills remain on track because they won't be held back by hearing loss. The hardest thing is keeping the hearing aid in place on an active child. The following tips can help with this process so that wearing the hearing aid takes as little effort as possible. The more your child wears their aid, the more it benefits them.

Tip #1: Plan for regular fittings

Each time your child goes through a growth spurt, the hearing aid may become uncomfortable or even difficult to keep in place. This is because the device is fitted to your child's ear, so their changing size affects the fit. Make sure to keep up with regular audiologist appointments so that the hearing aid ear molds can be adjusted to fit as needed. This is more comfortable for your child and minimizes the risk of losing the hearing aid.

Tip #2: Get a retainer band

Retainer bands are soft headbands that help keep the hearing aid in place. There are special bands available just for this use, or you can use any headband as long as it is placed so it doesn't cover the microphone on the hearing aid. These can be especially useful during vigorous activity when a younger child is more likely to lose the hearing aid.

Tip #3: Use hearing aid clips

These clips don't prevent the hearing aid from falling out, but they do prevent loss. They consist of a cord attached to the hearing aid. The other end of the cord clips to the child's clothing. This way the hearing aid isn't lost if it does fall out. The cords come in bright colors and different designs so your child can pick one that fits their personality.

Tip #4: Be consistent

It can get frustrating when the hearing aid keeps falling out, but consistency is key. Each time it comes out, put it back in with a minimum of fuss. You don't want it to become a game for a really young child or a battle of the wills with an older child. It's also important to leave the hearing in as much as possible so that your child becomes used to wearing it all the time. Don't give up by simply leaving it out for long periods.

For more help with preventing hearing aid loss, contact an audiologist like County Hearing And Balance in your area.


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