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Powerful Physical Therapy

2 Things To Expect During A CT Scan

by Clifford Ramos

If you need a CT scan, and have never had one before, this is something that can be a bit scary for you. One thing that can make the process a bit less scary is knowing what you can expect. This article is going to discuss 2 things to expect during a CT scan. 

You May Be Strapped Down 

During the CT scan, it is going to be very important that different images are taken of your body in specific positions. This is going to require you to hold very still during your CT scan. Because of this, you may need to be strapped down. These straps are not meant to scare you or make you feel like you are trapped, but simply to help you stay in the exact position that you need to be in for an extended period of time. The straps are not going to hurt you, but will simply help to hold you in place so that your muscles don't become rigid or locked in place because you haven't been able to move for so long. On top of this, some pillows and head cradles may also be used to keep your head and other areas of your body in place as well. 

You May Need To Take Contrast Material 

In some cases, you are going to need to take contrast material. This is a dye that is colored and will allow certain areas of your body to be highlighted during the CT scan. The area of your body needs to be viewed, is going to determine how you are going to need to take the dye. The three main methods of taking the contrast material are swallowed through the mouth, given to your via an injection, or put into your body through an enema. Taking the contrast material orally is great for viewing your esophagus, injecting the material is good for seeing your veins, and taking the material through a suppository is important for viewing your intestines. In all of these cases you, may experience some symptoms that are a bit different, but completely normal. This may include a bad taste in your mouth when taking it orally, a metallic taste and warm feeling when receiving it via an injection, or a feeling of bloating and discomfort when you are taking it via a suppository. Thankfully, none of these symptoms are going to last long, helping to make them bearable for you. 

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