Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

Have Psoriasis? Try These Suggestions

by Clifford Ramos

The scales and itch that bother you when you have psoriasis can be unbearable at times. Other than taking medication, you may feel at the mercy of this condition and think you can't do much to address symptoms. Luckily, these suggestions ease itching and may decrease the scaling you see on your skin.

Get More Sun

If your skin seems to clear up in summer, you may think you're only imagining things. However, it's very likely that all the time spent out at the beach and taking walks could be helping your psoriasis because of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. The same UVA and UVB rays that you hope to block with sunscreen could slow progression of your condition.

Even in winter, to get the benefits of these sun rays, your dermatologist could recommend that you have phototherapy sessions which could result in some clearing of your skin as time passes. Make sure that you're talking with medical professionals about how much UV exposure you can have before damaging your skin in other ways.

Use Chamomile Compresses

You might enjoy a cup of delicate chamomile tea from time to time, but chamomile can help your psoriasis too. Chamomile can calm the skin because it has anti-inflammatory qualities. Making compresses after boiling some chamomile flowers is a soothing way to deal with your condition. Once you've boiled the flowers in purified or spring water and removed the petals with a strainer, allow the liquid to cool somewhat. Soak washcloths in the chamomile water and put them onto your skin for relief.

Calm Down

Many people just don't understand how serious of a problem stress can be. Stress is normal, but if you are having many difficulties and problems, your body is sure to go to into an inflammatory state, which will aggravate any health conditions, particularly those such as psoriasis. If you have been having some trouble with a loved one or at work, it's not uncommon for your condition to flare and become more noticeable. As a result, you may experience even more stress in your life.

Numerous methods exist for handling life stress, but more than anything you need to commit to less stress. Whether you want to attempt yoga or start a new hobby to calm down, stick with it. You might think about therapy sessions or mental health help as well.

Psoriasis can be more comfortable to live with when you're using any of these suggestions. Your doctor and dermatologist can provide more help.


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