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Powerful Physical Therapy

Weekend Warrior? 3 First Aid Tips For Handling After Hours Sports Sprains

by Clifford Ramos

You may spend the work week behind a desk, yet the weekend reveals a whole new side of you as you explore your outdoor pursuits. Whether you are into boating, hiking, or playing sports, you know that injuries are sometimes just part of the game. While you can do your best to stretch and prep for your weekend adventures, you just never know when one bad part of the trail or play on the field could knock you off of your feet. Fortunately, you can use these first aid tips to take care of your injury until you get to the urgent care center.

Immobilize the Injured Limb

Once you feel pain or notice unusual symptoms such as hearing a pop, it is important to immediately stop using the injured limb. This is because trying to continue to play on an injured arm or leg will only increase the risk of worsening the injury. Instead, stop what you are doing right away, and look for materials that you can use as a splint. For instance, you can wrap a magazine around your wrist and hold it there with gauze or first aid tape. Rolled up towels, clothing, or cardboard are additional supplies that you may use to improvise a splint. Keeping your injured body part still prevents a potential torn ligament or fracture from getting worse if you have more than a sprain happening.

Use Ice to Keep Swelling Down

With sprains and broken bones, it is common for the surrounding tissues to begin to swell. This swelling increases the pain and makes it harder for you to assess your injury. Once you have immobilized the limb, apply ice or cooling packs to the skin. Make sure to never apply ice directly since this can be too cold. Instead, make a cold pack by placing ice in a plastic bag, and wrap this bag with a towel or shirt to make it slightly warmer. Then, apply the ice to the injury for 20 minutes every couple of hours until you get to the doctor.

Check For Breaks and Fractures

When you suspect that a sprain might be worse, it is important to seek urgent care services right away. This is because a broken bone has a better chance of healing correctly if it is diagnosed and treated early. At the urgent care center, your physician can assess your bone and ligaments to provide you with an accurate understanding of your best options for treatment.

When the approaching weekend has you itching to get outside and test your athletic abilities, make sure to take care of even the most minor injuries. By treating sprains and suspected fractures right away, you can always be ready to hit the weekend running without worrying about the long-term effects of injuries that go ignored.


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