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Powerful Physical Therapy

Hearing Aid Care: How Can You Keep Your Ears Healthy And Clean?

by Clifford Ramos

If you're having trouble keeping your ears clean, you may wonder if your problems will interfere with wearing hearing aids in the future. Although hearing aids are unique devices, they work best when your ears are clean and free of debris. Debris can keep your hearing aids from picking up sounds or working properly. Learn why you need to keep your ears clean and healthy below.

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Ears Clear?

Earwax is one of the most important substances in your body. Wax catches and removes dirt, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants from your ear canals. If wax builds up too much inside your ear canals, it can cause issues with your future hearing aids.

Most hearing aids made today are small enough to fit inside the openings of your ears. But if your ear canals are compacted with wax, your hearing aids may slip out or not fit properly. Wax can also pack inside your hearing aids and prevent them from working. 

Excessive wax can cause infections, aches, and other health problems in your ears. An ear specialist may need to treat your problems before they allow you to wear your hearing aids.

To avoid the bothersome issues above, remove the excessive wax from your ears.

How Do You Get and Keep Your Ears Clear?

You may want to have an audiologist remove the wax for you. The excessive wax in your ears can harden over time. If you use a swab or syringe to remove the wax, it can push the hard debris further inside your ears and puncture or damage your eardrums. 

In addition, an audiologist can examine your ears to see if you have any other problems that might interfere with your hearing aids. The excessive wax may have caused an infection or sores in your hears. These health problems can potentially become worse when you wear your hearing devices. 

After you have your ears professionally cleaned, you may be able to use a home care kit to maintain your ears. However, it's a good idea that you consult with your specialist before you clean your ears at home. Some specialists choose to clean their patients' ears themselves, especially if the patients have other hearing problems to address or treat.

If you want to know or learn more about how to clean your ears before you get hearing aids, contact an ear specialist today.


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