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Powerful Physical Therapy

3 Tips For A Second Opinion With A Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

by Clifford Ramos

Seeking a second opinion after a prostate cancer diagnosis is always good practice, since you may want to confirm the diagnosis, staging, and treatment options available. When you are in the process of finding a doctor for a second opinion, there are several factors you should consider.

Don't Fall Into Traps

Cancer of any type is an intimidating diagnosis and depending on your perspective of conventional treatments, you may be more susceptible to believing what you want to hear. For example, if the prospect of chemotherapy or radiation is intimidating for you, you might seek out a second opinion from someone who claims to be an expert in using natural cures. Although there is nothing wrong with using natural and holistic approaches to cancer treatment in combination with conventional treatments, natural approaches generally have no curative properties and will only allow the cancer to progress, with potentially fatal results. Choose a reputable doctor with experience treating your type of cancer when you want a second opinion and accept that what you want out of the process may not align with what you need to give you the best chance at beating cancer.

Look For Treatment Advances

More doctors are exploring cutting-edge treatments for prostate cancer, which means you might be a candidate for a treatment approach that isn't common knowledge for doctors who are not engaged in cancer research. Spend time researching the newest treatment options and who is performing the research, so you can contact these doctors. Some examples of newer treatments in prostate cancer might include proton therapy, which is not widely available. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer for a while and other therapies have not be effective, you may also want to consider looking at clinical trials. Although clinical trials may not be covered by your insurance, you and the lead investigator might be able to come up with a plan that results in little to no out-of-pocket expense, and can give you another option to potentially beat cancer.

Be Logical About Treatments

You might be seeking a second opinion in regards to the types of treatment you can have for prostate cancer, especially if you are concerned about potential side effects from the recommended treatment. For example, some men are especially concerned about having their prostate removed because it might lead to sexual dysfunction. Although concerns about sexual dysfunction are valid, you should be logical about using a treatment plan that might preserve your sexual function, but may not be the best at eliminating the cancer. The end goal is to beat cancer and remain cancer-free indefinitely, even if the risk of sexual dysfunction is high.

When you are seeking a second opinion for prostate cancer, consulting doctors who specialize in this type of cancer and newer treatment options, such as at Advanced Urology Associates, might give you the best outcome.


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