Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

Preteen Cheerleader Leg Fractures: Why Immediate And Proper Treatment Is Essential

by Clifford Ramos

Starting out young as a cheerleader will make it easier for your preteen daughter to succeed in this sport. However, it can also be harder on her body and may lead to problems such as leg fractures. Her immature and growing body may not react to this situation well, so immediate and proper treatment is essential to ensure there are no complications.

Fractures Are Common In Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders often jump, leap, and do incredibly acrobatic maneuvers that can be hard on their body. This fact is particularly true of preteens because they won't be as fully developed as a teenager. As a result, they may be prone to a leg fracture even during a practice maneuver.

When this scenario happens, your poor teen is going to be in a lot of pain and will need immediate treatment. In most cases, she will be able to recover and get back on the cheerleading court for next season. However, poor treatment could make it nearly impossible for her to succeed in her recovery.

Improper Injury Treatment Can Be An Issue

Your preteen's broken leg is going to be a serious issue if you don't get immediate and proper treatment for it. That's because her leg is still growing and can suffer from problems if it breaks. For example, she may end up with an infection or unequal leg lengths if her fracture isn't properly managed.

Mismatched leg length is going to make being a cheerleader a real challenge. That's because she'll always land on one leg first and may experience imbalance. While she may be able to adjust to that problem, getting proper treatment for it is a wiser decision.

How Injury Treatment Helps

If your preteen cheerleader suffered from a broken leg after a big cheerleading jumps, you need to make sure they get the injury properly treated. Immediate care is necessary because the broken leg might set improperly and cause the complications mentioned above.

Leg stabilization is necessary, as is the application of various types of pain relievers. This helps to make it easier for your preteen to get through her day to day life. Just as importantly, a brace will be put on her leg to ensure that it heals properly and without any complications.

Unfortunately, your preteen's season as a cheerleader is likely to be over. She won't be able to put much weight on it for a while and will have to sit on the sidelines instead. However, proper injury treatment can prepare her for the next season and help her grow into an even better cheerleader. 


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