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Powerful Physical Therapy

Is Music Therapy The Right Pain-Management Method For Your Pregnancy?

by Clifford Ramos

A pregnancy should be a beautiful situation for a woman but many, unfortunately, suffer from pain as their child develops. Thankfully, alternative treatment methods like music therapy can help you overcome this problem in a variety of surprising ways. 

Pregnancy Pain Can Be Devastating

Physical and emotional pain are common during many pregnancies. For example, the extra weight of the developing child may strain a woman's back and trigger a lot of pain. Other types of pain may spread through her body and cause emotional problems that make the pain even worse.

As a result, many women go through a multitude of pain management methods while they are pregnant to help minimize their suffering. However, some may not want to rely only on medications or potent painkillers for relief but may want to consider alternative methods such as music therapy.

Music Therapy May Help

Music therapy is a unique treatment method that focuses on the healing power of music to help overcome a variety of pain types. Harvard has particularly focused on the benefits of this treatment method and has found that classical musical – and other types of relaxing music – can help reduce pregnancy pain and increase relaxation and minimize anxiety.

This latter benefit is a big one for pregnant women as much of their pain may come from anxiety and depression related to their pregnancy. Tension and fear often plague many pregnant women, particularly if they are going through their first pregnancy. Music therapy may help to minimize these issues and improve their well-being in various ways.

Types of Music Therapy Types to Consider

Music therapy comes in many different types that you can utilize for your care. For example, an article by Everyday Health discussed several different methods that you can utilize for your care. Thankfully, the spectrum goes beyond listening and includes active participation. Just a few of these options included:

  • Listening to relaxing music when you feel pain
  • Writing music if you have the ability
  • Performing music if you are skilled at an instrument
  • Singing along to your favorite songs
  • Talking about music with friends or family members – including lyrical concepts
  • Visualizing or meditating to music while it plays

This myriad of options ensures that you can receive some benefits from music pain treatment. And you can also combine these methods – such as singing songs while playing on the piano in front of friends or family members – to further enhance the benefits of this approach.

So if you're suffering from pregnancy-related pain and you want to avoid excessive medication, you may want to consider music therapy as a supplement to your care options. Make sure, though, that you utilize other treatment types to fully handle the demands of your pain. Contact a clinic, such as Headache and Pain Center, for more assistance.


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