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Port Wine Stain Treatment Helps Your Child Prepare For The Demands Of High School

by Clifford Ramos

Children entering high school are, in a sense, preparing for the uniquely difficult demands that life may place on them. Sadly, children with port wine stains may find that friends who once had no problem with their mark may suddenly turn their back on them. As a result, treatment is a good option before high school begins.

High School Students May Suffer With Port Wine Stains

For students who look a little different than others, high school can be a major challenge. Oddly, young children during the elementary years are often kinder to their fellow students and worry less about appearances than students in high school do. This situation can be a problem for those with port wine stains.

For example, a child may find that students who never made fun of their mark may suddenly tease them about it in a cruel fashion. This type of teasing can make a teen think that something about them changed or that they are "ugly," which is a very hard thing to fight as you age.

As a result, parents of children with a port wine stain may want to consider getting treatment before their child goes to high school. Waiting any longer could result in emotional troubles that could make a child struggle to get through their life successfully and without any problems.

Treatment is Very Helpful

Although port wine stains were once a permanent problem with no treatment method, a growing number of care options have been developed over the last few years. These healing treatments can help your child prepare for high school and help them to be a happier and better-adjusted person.

For example, various types of laser and light treatments can use heat to affect the blood vessels that trigger a port wine stain. Concentrated treatment methods can help to slowly shrink the appearance of the mark and may, in many cases, cause it to disappear completely.

Getting early treatment is critical because your child may need some time to recover. For example, they will need some time to get used to the idea that they no longer have a port wine stain. They may also need to prepare for the unique demands of high school and to become a happier and healthier person.

If your child has a port wine stain and is looking to start high school soon, you should talk to a dermatologist about the treatment options. They will help you narrow down your options and choose one that is right for your child and their unique health situation.

For more information, contact a helath clinic that works with port wine stains.


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