Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help You Overcome These 3 Issues?

by Clifford Ramos

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new procedure that can help your body to heal itself. Stem cells are a basic kind of cell that the body produces which eventually turns into specialized cells. For example, a stem cell could eventually become a liver cell, a bone cell, a blood cell, or even a neuron. They go where the body needs them most.

Unfortunately, due to illness, aging, trauma, or other factors, your body can run low on stem cells in certain areas. That is where stem cell therapy treatments come in. Imagine that your knee is giving out due to a loss of cartilage. You could have surgery to correct the issue, or you could inject stem cells into the area and let them work. Stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery. The results vary, but for most people, it is worth it to try stem-cell therapy before making drastic decisions. 

There are many different illnesses or ailments that stem cell therapy can benefit from. These are included but not limited to:


Stem cell therapies can help to treat arthritis by creating new cartilage in joints that are inflamed. Cartilage acts as a cushion for joints, making every motion more fluid and easy. When that cartilage runs out stem cells can be injected into the joint, making brand new cartilage and even encouraging regeneration in other cells. 


While testing is still underway, there are theories that stem cell therapy can help type 1 diabetic to generate insulin-producing cells in their body. The main problem with diabetes is that your body does not produce insulin and lower your sugar. However, if those cells can be replaced, diabetes may be curable someday soon. 

Heart Disease

Congestive heart disease is when the heart does not work efficiently. This could happen because the walls have been stretched too thin, or because the walls have become too stiff or thickened. Even though the heart is an extremely unique and crucial organ, stem cells can even become heart cells. That means that a weak heart could be made stronger with an injection of stem cells. No matter what age the patient is, stem cell treatments could save their life. 

In conclusion, if you or a family member is dealing with any of the aforementioned issues, you should talk to your doctor about starting stem cell therapy treatments. While this may be a huge investment, they could ultimately save a life. 


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