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Powerful Physical Therapy

Information On Eating Disorder Symptoms And Treatment

by Clifford Ramos

If you have a loved one who has an eating disorder, then you will want to do what you can to recognize the issue and convince them to go into treatment. Eating disorders can become so severe they create a life-threatening situation. The sooner your loved one gets treatment for their eating disorder, the sooner they can begin working on a healthier way of living and begin working their way back to better health. The information here will help you to have a better chance of recognizing a problem and help you to understand some of the great things that an eating disorder treatment facility can offer to your loved one. 

Signs someone may have an eating disorder

Extreme preoccupation with foods - It may be fine for someone who can stand to lose a little weight to measure meals and count calories. However, it can signal a problem when someone who is already at a healthy BMI is counting calories to lose weight. 

Very restrictive diet - Many people are cutting out meats or carbs. However, it can be a sign of an eating disorder when someone starts to restrict their diet more and more, making it so they are eating very few kinds of foods. 

Shy about eating - Another behavior that can be a sign of a possible eating disorder is when someone doesn't want to be seen eating around other people. When they are in a situation where they do end up eating at a table with others, they may mostly move their food around on their plate instead of actually eating it. 

Eats very small portions - Even those counting calories and trying to lose weight in a healthy way will still eat small meals. However, it's common for someone with an eating disorder to eat such small portions at mealtime that it can't be considered a meal, but more like a small snack. 

Looking in the mirror often - Another sign that someone may have an eating disorder is when they are constantly looking at themselves in the mirror. They may also do things like try wrapping their fingers around their wrist or their arms around their waist. 

How an eating disorder treatment facility can help

When someone has an eating disorder, an eating disorder facility can help them in many ways. For one thing, they will be monitored to make sure that they are getting healthier and gaining weight. They will also be counseled to help them get to the bottom of the issues that led to this behavior. They will be educated on things like how to eat healthily, the reasons why eating disorders are so dangerous, and the negative things they can do to their bodies, and they will given a lot of advice on things they can do to stay on the right track once they leave the facility.


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