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Powerful Physical Therapy

4 Tips For Coping Once You Have Received A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

by Clifford Ramos

Getting a breast cancer diagnosis can seriously change your life. Once you get the diagnosis, you will need to determine how to proceed and go forward with the fight.

1. Work to Learn About Your Diagnosis

You should rely on your doctor to provide you with all the information about your diagnosis. However, while your doctor should be your point-person to verify information and options, you should also take time on your own to research your diagnosis and to learn more about the options to treat your cancer.

You need to find out as much as you can so that you have an informed discussion with your doctor about your options. The more educated you are, the more active you can be in making decisions about your treatment.

2. Be Transparent with People in Your Life

Next, you need to make sure you are transparent with the people in your life who want to support you through your treatment. Let your spouse or partner know what is happening.

Talk to your kids and give them age-appropriate information about what you are going through. Don't try to hide what is happening to your kids, even if they are younger.

3. Be Willing to Accept Help

In your everyday life, being resilient and independent is important. However, when you are going through cancer treatment, you are going to need other people. When people offer to help you out, don't turn them down.

Be receptive to offers for help. If you have kids, allow other people to take them to their activities. If you have pets, and someone offers to help take care of them, it will enable them to do so. Accept offers from others to mow your yard, or grab your groceries, or bring a meal.

Going through breast cancer treatment can take a lot of energy, and any help you get can help ease the burden of how your life will change while you are undergoing treatment.

4. Put Rest First

Finally, you need to make sure you put to rest first. Both chemotherapy and radiation come with a variety of side effects, including fatigue. It is important to get enough sleep during your treatment. Sleep allows you to heal, so by putting rest and sleep first, you are prioritizing your health.

When dealing with your breast cancer diagnosis, take time to educate yourself on your condition and treatment options. Be open with the people who will be by your side and be willing to accept help. Also, be sure to prioritize rest to assist with your treatment and healing process. For more information, contact a breast cancer treatment service.


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