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Powerful Physical Therapy

How Do Women's Scrubs Differ From Unisex Scrubs?

by Clifford Ramos

When you start shopping for scrubs, you realize just how many options there really are. Not only do scrubs come in a wide range of colors and patterns, but they come in different cuts, too. You will see some scrubs listed as unisex; they can be worn by people of all genders. You will see other scrubs labeled specifically as women's scrubs. What is the difference between the two? Here are some key ways in which women's scrubs tend to differ from unisex scrubs.

More Closely Tailored Bottoms

Unisex scrub bottoms tend to be cut pretty straight in order to accommodate men's broader hips and waists. Women's scrubs, on the other hand, tend to have more closely tailored bottoms. They have a narrower waist, but more room in the hips. This cut tends to fit the average woman's larger hip-to-waist ratio better. If you like your scrubs to look a little closer cut and more tailored to your body, then buying women's scrubs over unisex ones is a great option.

Roomier in the Chest

It's no secret that women tend to have larger chests than men. So scrub tops made specifically for women tend to be roomier in the chest. The scrub tops themselves may not be as wide, but there may be extra material added specifically to the chest area. On the contrary, unisex scrubs tend to be cut in a more boxy shape. They may have room for breasts, but they may hang really loosely against the front of your body. As with the bottoms, if you want a more tailored look to your scrubs, then buying female-specific scrub tops is a better option. 

Shorter Legs and Sleeves

Obviously, women vary in height, but they do tend to be a little shorter than men, and they also tend to have shorter arms. So when you buy women's scrubs, the sleeves and legs tend to be a bit shorter. If you are more petite, then buying women's scrubs is a good way to make sure you're not stepping on the bottom of your pants or constantly having to push your sleeves up.

Scrubs are known for being loose and comfortable, but there is still more than one way to cut loose and comfortable scrubs. If you buy women's scrubs, you know to expect a cut with more room in the chest, shorter sleeves and legs, and more tailored bottoms.


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