Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

Facial Reconstruction: It's Not The Same As Plastic Surgery

by Clifford Ramos

Cosmetic surgery is when a person undergoes an elective procedure to change something about their appearance that they believe is unsightly. This is in contrast to reconstructive surgery that is necessary to fix not only appearance but bones in the face.

Understand that cosmetic surgery rebuilds facial features, while reconstructive surgery rebuilds the face for medical and appearance reasons.

Why Is Reconstructive Surgery Done?

When a person has had an accident or is born with a deformity, reconstructive surgery is often the best option to restore function and appearance.

Unlike cosmetic procedures, reconstruction involves restoring function and form when necessary. Common reasons for reconstructive facial surgery include the following.

  • Trauma
  • Cancer
  • Congenital reasons
  • Infection

Reconstructive surgery is necessary, and most insurance companies help with the expense, unlike elective surgery.

How Is Reconstructive Surgery Done?

During reconstructive surgery, the bones in the face are cut and removed. The surgeon moves blood vessels, tissues, and nerves using advanced microscopic surgical techniques.

The surgeon also uses pieces of bone from other areas of the body to use as bone grafts. These bones are used to fill in spaces for reconstruction:

  • Pelvic bones
  • Rib bones
  • Skull bones

The number of bones needed depends on the spaces in the face and head that need reconstruction.

How Long Does Is Recovery?

Recovery times vary based on the surgery performed and the patient. However, most patients need 6 weeks or more for a full recovery.

It's important to closely follow doctors' instructions for home care and avoid any activities that can hinder successful recovery.

Here are a few tips to help recovery go smoothly:

  • Apply ice to help reduce swelling
  • Arrange for help at home for a few days
  • Drink plenty of liquids
  • Don't try to return to normal activities too soon

Your doctor may prescribe pain medication. If so, make sure to use it exactly as directed to avoid unwanted side effects and overuse.

Whether it's a child with a birth defect, like a cleft lip, or a loved one who has survived a traumatic accident, facial reconstructive surgery is often necessary.

Reconstructive surgery helps by repairing the facial bones and structure so that the patient can continue to live a normal life. Repairing form and function are the goals set by reconstructive surgeons.

Surgery helps many people improve issues that can greatly affect their life so that the patient can continue on as normal as possible despite their injuries or defects.


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