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Crucial Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips To Extend The Lifecycle Of These Medical Devices

by Clifford Ramos

Undoubtedly, hearing aids are invaluable devices for the hearing impaired. But, as with most things, once you have owned your hearing aids for a while, you may start to take them for granted. This can manifest as becoming slack with the care and maintenance you accord them, as these tasks start becoming a chore. But there are dire consequences that come with not providing your hearing aids with the upkeep they require. Not only will the sound quality degrade but these medical devices become susceptible to damage and, eventually, you may have to replace them before their time. To avoid unnecessary inconveniences, here are a couple of crucial hearing aid maintenance tips to extend the lifecycle of these medical devices.

Tip 1: Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry at All Costs

Moisture is one of the biggest threats posed to your hearing aids. While the plastic components may not be affected by water, you should know that the moment moisture comes into contact with the electrical components, your hearing aids are at risk of irreparable damage. Keeping that in mind, the foremost maintenance tip that you should adhere to is keeping them free of any moisture. First off, individuals prone to producing copious amounts of sweat should invest in sweat protectors for their hearing aids. These sweat protectors are manufactured from soft and flexible materials. Thus, you do not have to worry about the protectors adversely affecting the fit of your hearing aids. The second measure you should consider is purchasing a portable dehumidifier. Since accidents happen, there may come a time when your hearing aids are involuntarily exposed to moisture. A portable dehumidifier ensures your hearing aids can dry in record time, which can greatly reduce the risk of malfunction.

Tip 2: Keep Your Hearing Aids Cool at All Times

While you may not have control over the ambient temperatures, it is vital to ensure that you are proactive about keeping these medical devices away from heat. Excessive warmth can melt the plastic parts of the hearing aids and this will render them useless. On the other hand, heat can also wreak havoc on the microelectronics of your hearing aids, which will lead to issues with sound quality, battery life, and more. With that in mind, you must be careful about storing your hearing aids. For instance, never leave them in your car's glove compartment, particularly if you have parked in direct sunlight. Additionally, do not keep your hearing aids on when using a hairdryer or other heat stylers.

To learn more about hearing aid maintenance, contact an audiologist near you. 


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