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Powerful Physical Therapy

5 Tips For Taking Sleep Medicine

by Clifford Ramos

It is not uncommon to struggle to fall asleep on occasion. However, if you experience insomnia multiple times a night, it can start to negatively affect your life. You may feel tired and irritable the next day and have trouble completing all of your tasks. In this situation, your doctor may recommend taking sleeping pills.

Here are a few tips for taking sleep medicine.

Only Take Sleep Medicine If You Can Get a Full Night's Rest

It is not a good idea to take sleep medicine if you have to wake up very early the following day. If you are not able to get a full night's rest, sleeping pills can make you feel groggy the next day and affect your decision-making.

Do Not Take Sleep Medicine Longer Than Prescribed

Sleep medicine is only intended to be taken on a short-term basis. If you continue to take sleeping pills longer than prescribed, you may become dependent on them. If you still have trouble falling asleep after you stop taking sleeping pills, you should let your doctor know right away.

Pay Attention to Side Effects

Sleep medicine can cause side effects in some people, including anxiety, headaches, dizziness, impaired balance, and stomach pain. If you experience any side effects after taking sleeping pills, tell your doctor. They may need to lower your dosage or prescribe a different medication.

Do Not Take Sleep Medicine with Alcohol

If you plan on taking sleep medicine, you'll want to avoid drinking alcohol the entire night. Alcohol can intensify the sedative effects of the medicine. You may feel more dizzy and confused. In severe cases, you may experience slowed breathing or some other symptoms.

Do Not Take Sleep Medicine Until You Are Ready for Bed

Some people make the mistake of taking sleep medicine too early in the night. You do not want to take sleeping pills before you have completed all of your activities. If you attempt to drive or do something else while on sleeping pills, you may be less aware of what you are doing. To avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger, you should take your sleep medicine when you are ready to go to sleep.

If you follow these helpful tips, you can take your sleep medicine safely. If you are experiencing strange side effects or have other questions about your sleeping pills, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.


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