Powerful Physical Therapy

Powerful Physical Therapy

  • How Often To Visit A Chiropractor

    You may have heard that visiting a chiropractor like those at the Gehrig Family Chiropractic Center is good for you, but you may not know how often you need to visit. Of course, this all depends on your body. For example, if you suffer from serious pain because of an injury you endured, then you may want to visit your chiropractor more often than someone who only sees a chiropractor to help with preventative issues.

  • Surgical Options If You Do Not Have Enough Bone For Dental Implants

    During your dental surgeon's assessment to determine if you qualify for dental implants, he or she will measure whether or not you have enough bone to support the implant. If not, all is not lost. Here are some of the options that your surgeon has. Why Is Bone Important? The dental implant is supported by metal roots that are implanted into your jawbone. If the jawbone cannot support the roots, the implants can fail.

  • The Therapeutic Realities Of Peptides

    Scientific advances have helped to shape our modern world. For those suffering from a disease, the most important scientific advances have to do with medicines and instruments that help to treat and/or cure previously incurable diseases. In fact, the use of peptides as medicine is poised to revolutionize medicinal treatments.  What Are Peptides? A peptide is a group of amino acids characterized by peptide bonds. Although peptides are similar in structure to proteins, they are distinguished from proteins by their smaller size.

  • Physical Rehabilitation: How It Can Help With Spasticity Of The Arms & Legs After A Stroke

    Are you ready to regain control over your arms and legs that were affected by a stroke? You may benefit from physical rehabilitation services to help with the reduction of spasticity so your limbs can function normally again. In this article, you will learn how physical rehabilitation can help with spasticity after having a stoke that left your arms and legs in a poor condition. How Can Physical Rehabilitation Help with Spasticity of the Arms & Legs?

  • Three Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Braces On Adult Teeth

    When most people hear the word braces they think of teenagers who are still in the process of growing. However, there is no age limit on braces or orthodontic treatment in general and there are many people who obtain a straighter, even smile long after they have aged beyond their teenage years. If you are set to get braces on your teeth as a full-grown adult, there is no doubt you will get a lot of misinformation from well-meaning friends and family members.

  • About Me

    Powerful Physical Therapy

    I was badly injured a year ago, and it took a long time to get back to my normal level of ability. One of the things that helped more than anything was the time that I spent in physical therapy. I didn’t always love going to physical therapy – in fact, sometimes, I really didn’t enjoy it at all. But ultimately, the therapists and other patients I worked with helped inspire me to get better, and the exercises facilitated my healing process. I started this blog to talk about all of the things I learned about physical therapy and healing during my recovery time. I hope my blog reaches other accident victims. I want to offer encouragement, hope, and information for people who are in the same boat that I was in.